My first car was a Chevrolet S-10 Xtreme.
It was brand new and I was 16.

A lot happened to me between age 16 and 24. I changed.  Life changed.  The truck changed. Eventually it was time for me to move on and for the truck and I to part ways. It wasn't anything that I did or the truck did. These things just happen.

I had the Xtreme for 8 years, 3 months and 15 days. This kind of relationship can't just be ended without reflection and celebration.  I haven't even known most of my better friends for that long - my truck had some seniority!

So I'm saying farewell to my truck and I'm so happy that many others have joined by sending in their thoughts and memories.

First, you'll want to read the story of my Xtreme and I.  It all started a long time ago - January of 2000.

Then you should read a little more about the Xtreme itself. It wasn't your average pick-em-up hauler, you know. It was special.

Finally, indulge me and the others by seeing how this little white truck effected the lives of so many.  Hopefully these memories will bring a smile to your face. I know they have given me many.

Farewell, old friend.


Copyright: 2008 Chad A. Hart - Chad@HartLX.Com

Eighty-Eight Thousand Miles...
                                                  A farewell to my truck.



The Story

The Xtreme