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What in the world is that Kid doing with such a sweet ride?  I am jealous and wanted to punch you in the face and steal it."
           - Tim

"When you first got the truck I thought it was awesome! I was jealous that you had the options everyone takes for granted now (power windows, air, cruise)... all the things that my truck was lacking. I liked, and still like, the stance of the truck with the lower profile and ground effects. My fondest memory would be arriving at the high school everyday and parking the Sonoma next to Oler's Porsche on the passenger side and your Xtreme on the driver's side. Everyday it did not matter the weather, it was a guarantee that we would always be parked where we parked."
            - Ryan M.

"I thought it was a good looking truck plus you always kept it super clean. I thought it was a great match for you.  I remember when the beautiful white truck got mud on it at mud volleyball!"
            - Carrie

"I liked the Xtreme from the moment I saw it. I like the lowness of it - the more of a car feeling. And it has the awesomeness of a truck bed to lug big stuff around, which is pretty cool. It's going to be hard to imagine you without it. My fondest memories of the Xtreme would probably be just driving around. Remember when we went north of Roscoe and kinda got lost? I didn't think we would find our way back to the real world as quickly as we did.=o) I'll miss that car."
              - Katy

"It was always good to see your truck come up the drive way, and sad to see it leave when you'd go back to school..."
           - Mom


In an anomaly of circumstance, this friend never actually rode in the Xtreme, but he shares his thoughts with us still -

"I did not think it was Chad Hart-ish at first, with the barebones GM plasticy interior and limited features. I was expecting a Lexus or a Cadillac at least.  But for being an S-10,  it was the Optimus Prime of mini-trucks with the features it did have. Coincidentally, I now have the same multi-function stalk on my Escalade."
               - Paul M.


Later on, others got to know the truck.

"When I first saw the Xtreme, I thought, "Whoa. Chad is totally bada**." And then I translated that to, "Chad is really cool," because I was growing in the Lord."
                - Josh M.

Other's weren't as excited...

"I thought it looked like a "low rider", and I do not like low riders.  And I did not picture you driving in a low rider, but it somehow worked out ok. What stood out was you putting sunglasses on to drive in the dark!  That was hilarious yet scary all at the same time"
                - Jonell

But others seemed to connect with it in a special way -

"I thought it was really low to the ground and a small truck by today's standards.  Most pick ups are all about size and power, but the Xtreme was an exception--despite its name.  I guess that suits you.  Because you are an exception to the rule.

    she continues -

"It reminded me of when my dad had a grey Nissan pick up with those mini jumper seats in the back.  I used to ride back there all the time when he had that truck.  Your truck reminded me of my childhood.  Not many things do that...but the Xtreme brought back fond memories... So long old friend!"
                - Erin R.


     I've said enough here already. Now I want to give some space for some people close to me to share their thoughts and memories of the Xtreme. 

Just because the truck is gone doesn't mean it's forgotten.

If you have some you'd like to share, please email me at Chad@HartLX.Com.


Eighty-Eight Thousand Miles...
                                                  A farewell to my truck.




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